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The Return of the Secret Menu.... but less secretive

I remember being young and heading to Jamba Juice or Starbucks and ordering off a top secret menu that was spreading like wildfire through the halls of my middle school. Obviously, with TikTok and Instagram and all other social media, anyone's customized order can be a "secret" menu item, but we don't like to gatekeep here at Ohana Hawaiian Ice.

Below, I will share the yummiest secret combinations and what they contain to help you hack the Ohana menu like a pro!

Banana Pudding Shave Ice - Ask for banana and cheesecake flavors, topped with snow cap and caramel.

Strawberries & Cream (or any of your preferred fruit & cream!) - Ask for strawberry shave ice with a double snow cap topping. Some fan favorites are peaches & cream, bananas & cream, blueberries & cream, cherry & cream, and many more fruit flavors!

Loaded Butterbeer - Butterbeer & cheesecake flavors topped with caramel drizzle and snow cap.

Me Espresso: Coffee flavored ice topped with sweet cream or caramel (or both if you like it extra sweet!)

More combinations coming to the blog soon but comment and let me know which one of the four secret items above sounds the best to you! #iwannaohana #ohanashaveice #ohanameansfamily

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